21st Century Curriculum


This post is taken for the Usha Pandits Facebook update on 30th Sept 2016

The new education in the 21st century should factor in the following and weave them into the fabric of the curriculum of traditional subjects.

In fact, I would like the existing disciplines to be woven into these new subject titles. When we do it the former way, the content of traditional subjects somehow tends to overshadow the very intent of this very real and practical education proposal I am making.

The new subjects should be:


Financial literacy
Political literacy
Basic law
Art and music appreciation
Money management
Relationship skills
Woman empowerment
Health management
Sex education
Value eduation
Social responsibility
Logical and ethical Reflections
Critical thinking skills
Leisure skills
Technology applications
Mechanics and design
Environment conservation
Self management
Design thinking
Life skills

Thus, lessons chosen in English, the statistical and graphic data done in Math, perspectives studied in history, links and differences that exist in geography and concepts and principles in science could be integrated into the new subjects. They are useful for life. They sit well with the job market too, don’t they?

Technology must free up time for activities that will improve human lives of the unfortunate, will advance progress in health and spiritual well being, will help us understand and manage relationships, develop systems of accountability, and use our voices in a civilised way to express opinion and dissent.

Then we need to use digital connectivity and share the best talent with the largest population of people across the world.

When Boards and schools awake painlessly to this responsibility and embrace it fearlessly and with joy, then we can say that we are truly in the art and business of “educating” our children for a better and more peaceful world.


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