3d Printing – Made world a better place!

SURVIVOR 3d Printing – Made world a better place!

A ONE-YEAR-OLD toucan named Grecia who lost the top half of his beak to torture is one step closer to getting a 3D printed replacement.

The bird has been recovering for the past four months at Costa Rica’s Animal Rescue Bird Zoo after a group of unidentified assailants hacked off his beak in January.

The operation to attach the prosthetic beak is scheduled to take place next month but there is little precedence as the project is the first of its kind in South America.

The creation and successful attachment of the beak is not without its challenges. The mechanics of the toucan’s beak, which has been called a “model of lightweight strength”, meant designers had a lot of work to ensure the new beak lives up to the standards Grecia is used to.


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