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Play Currency
Play Currency
We have been using play currency to help kids understand the application of counting by 5/ 10/ 20/ 50/ 100/ 500/ 1000 Yes counting to the value of 20000 rs is being done in class Back at home you are requested to practise saying go as far as your can ( SMILE AND ENCOURAGING YOUR […]
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Joyful Parenting
Something unexpected that dawned upon me,  A parent was restless with her child’s schooling, wanted to change the school. This dialogue between me and her is more than a year old… the restlessness has not yet settled,
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1974, Calcutta, West Bengal, India  --- Mother Teresa with a child from the orphanage she operates in Calcutta. Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonxha Boyaxihu), the Roman Catholic-Albanian nun revered as India's "Saint of the Slums," was awarded the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.  --- Image by © Nik Wheeler/Sygma/Corbis
Essay : Lessons from Mother
By Usha Uthup It has been a real blessing to have known Mother Teresa for 47 years. The first time I met her, she was not the person worshipped by people around the world, but a simple nun. I met her at a homoeopathy clinic, a place she also frequented. In the years that followed, […]
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21st Century Curriculum
  This post is taken for the Usha Pandits Facebook update on 30th Sept 2016 The new education in the 21st century should factor in the following and weave them into the fabric of the curriculum of traditional subjects.
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Hands on Math: Volume
Lyrics: Perimeter…. It takes the long way ’round….. Because it measures…… till all the sides are found….. So take the numbers…. then add them up or down…. And now you’ve got the perimeter…. RAP: All around the edge of something if you walk or if you’re running… Just add up the sides you see to […]
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perfume home
Hands On Chemistry : Perfume Making
Return Gifts are a huge pocket burner when your child is friendly. I have tried getting my son to make return gifts, but as they grow their choice of gifts available with DIY Art and Craft does not appeal their minds. The suburbs of Mumbai that I live in has lots of enterprising youth, that […]
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asopalav 5
Poem Ashoka or Asopalav Tree
Gata Asopalav The name brings So many sweet memories My uncle wrote A short story on it ‘Gata Asopalav = Singing Asopalav     Asopalav U are so common People don’t even notice U But U are from the Rain forest of Ceylon And Came to Bombay Only about 150 years ago! When U first […]
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school exercusion 2
Fun Filled Field Trips
  Are the kids given an opportunity to Question? Are kids given thought provoking Questions to ponder over? Are kids given a given an opportunity to explain what they have understood? What instructions are given to students w.r.t behavior management at the place of Visit?    
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