Poonam Kurani Articles
Butterflies of India
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Contraptions : Go for it with your KIDS
I was always fascinated with mechanics. I would very often dismantle products to understand how it worked. Building contraptions was another of my favorite pastimes.  
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Wonderful Mazes
Mazes can be taped to a wall at your child’s eye-level so that he can work on a vertical surface. This mimics a chalkboard or an easel board and promotes wrist extension and copying from a board (like in a classroom).
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Being Human: Kids must Volunteer
To my mind, volunteer work and homeschooling are made for each other. While it is possible to attend school AND volunteer, homeschoolers — who do not need to spend six to ten hours daily on classes and homework — clearly have more time for such endeavors.
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Nature Gives Always : Play with Cowries
Cowries or Kodi (hindi) have been a part of my childhood in various form, adorning my dresses, jewelry and playtime. Little is written about using it as a teaching aid that can contribute to Mathematics very creatively and logically.  
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