Joyful Parenting

mom-lift-boy-sky Joyful Parenting

Something unexpected that dawned upon me,  A parent was restless with her child’s schooling, wanted to change the school. This dialogue between me and her is more than a year old… the restlessness has not yet settled,

i have shared all that i knew about schools in the suburbs and beyond- there is nothing more that i can share … she is unable to decide … i wonder what lies underneath , maybe this restlessness is something that is a parents personal breakdown with her own schooling life. Most of the times are kids are scapegoat/ victims of our incompleteness with our past lives… i have seen this scenario umpteen times. Sincere request to all parents COME TO ACCEPTANCE WITH ALL THAT YOUR LIFE WAS AND IS… once u arrive here JOYFUL PARENTING BEGINS.

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